Fixing plate for mounting down lights

“The Fixingplate” in short :

Quickly mounted
For both small and large light fittings
Small in packing

The solution for mounting down lights

The“fixing plate” was developed to readily and thoroughly adjust down lighters in suspension ceilings. The wool panels (both soft and hard) that are used in suspension ceilings cannot carry relatively heavy weights such as down lighters. A supporting construction is necessary to transfer the weight of the down lighter from the centre of the panel to the sides on the cross tees. It is important that this construction does not bend or distort. A galvanized steel plate is the best choice for demands such as these. The plate has a thickness of 0.5 mm and is strengthened with steel ridges. In this manner, a strong, but light plate is developed that can carry the weight of heavy down lights and the like. The “fixing plate” is guaranteed to support a load of 3.5 kg.
The fire-resistance regulations are being tightened continually. Flame extinguishing materials are presently required above suspension ceilings and it is very likely that in the future non-flammable materials are mandatory as well. The “fixing plate” is non-flammable and is indispensable for people who look ahead. Due to flexibility of the “fixing plate” the architect is to choose or change the size or style of down lighters at the last moment.

The “fixing plate” has many more advantages: due to the minimal thickness of the plate, the fixing clips of the down lighters can be mounted properly, without having to be bent as is the general practice with other constructions. The “fixing plate” is small in packing, and demands little storage capacity in warehouse or car.




The “fixing plate” is available in four standard sizes :
* Plates with a length of 300 mm for panels with a width of 300 mm.
* Plates with a length of 400 mm for panels with a width of 400 mm.
* Plates with a length of 600 mm for panels with a width of 600 mm.
* Plates with a length of 1200 mm for panels with a width of 1200 mm.



* Mini fixing plate
* The length of the “fixing plate” can be easily adjusted by means of a pair of tin shears, a standard item in every mechanic’s toolbox .